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Demo Policy:

If you intend to send us a demo, please listen closely to our releases. We get too many demo’s which do not fit our style at all. This is simply a waste of your and our time, so first decide if your music really fits. If so, we are more than happy to listen to it!. Include a short (or large) biography or a press kit if you have one. We would like to know who we deal with. If you send us tracks, be sure that you don’t send them to other labels aswell and make sure you want exactly those tracks released. Only final versions, no edits whatsoever! Do not send the files directly to our e-mail address! Upload the files somewhere (i.e. /sendspace/wetransfer) and forward us the links. You can also use the soundcloud drop box to send us your tracks. Of course you want to know as soon as possible, if we accept your submission or not, but please give us some time. We get a lot of demo requests and we really try to listen closely to everything we get. We feel that you deserve our time, everyone equally! So every demo will be verified by the label management. We take the appropriate time to decide wether or not we would like to work with you. we can not guarantee to give feedback on every single submission. Please don’t be pissed off if you don’t receive an answer.


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